FERDINANDO JACOPINI, Born in Milan in 1931, he went into the profession of both his father and grandfather in order to continue the family tradition dating back to the second half of the 19th century.
Originally the firm was based in the Marche region and then it transferred to Milan in 1925. Ferdinando got his law degree with full legal marks in 1955, with a thesis on civil procedure. Having passed the state exam in Milan in January of 1959, he worked predominantly in dispute cases within the sector of corporate law, commercial law and family law.
In 1964, he founded and was president of the “Comitato dei Procuratori”, which edited and presented a professional jurisdiction project to the Italian “Camera dei Deputati”. For a period of six years, he was also advisor to the “Sindacato Avvocati e Procuratori” of Milan. He was then nominated as an Honorary Magistrate by the Law and Order Council, a role that he carried out in Milan for a sustained period of twenty years, from September 1966 to October 1986.
From 1972 onwards he was enrolled in the Register of High Court Jurisdiction (Court of Cassation, State Council and Court of Auditors), and from this institution was also enrolled in the National Register of Auditors; with regards to his experience in corporate law, he took on the role of administrative advisor of various Italian companies not listed on the Italian stock-exchange.
He was elected by the Ministry of Employment as the “commissario liquidatore” of several cooperative societies. On numerous occasions, he was also appointed by the Milanese Court of Law as a bankruptcy lawyer to take on the role of trustee in bankruptcy cases.
In 1989 he became vice-president and then, from 2003, President of EMIT, the Giacomo Feltrinelli Foundation for the promotion of technical education, with seat in Milan, and which, for almost one hundred years in the Lombardia Region, has organised numerous post-diploma training courses (486 students in the 1999/2000 courses) in close collaboration with the 'Politecnico di Milano' that dates back to 1973.
In 1978, Ferdinando founded the Temi Golf Club (the National Association of Golf Playing Lawyers, Magistrates and Notaries of Italy is recognised by the federation and has roughly 400 members) and managed profitably for a period of seven years; he was also a councillor of Varese Golf Club and, from 2000, a representative for the Province of Varese, of the F.A.I. Italian Environmental Foundation.
FABIO JACOPINI, In 1984 Fabio joined the legal profession as one of the fourth generation of lawyers in the family. Born in Milan in 1960, he gained a brilliant degree in law with a thoughtful thesis on fiscal law regarding the taxation of foreign lawyers who are not resident in Italy.
He immediately started work at the Firm and passed the state exam in Milan in 1990. Now he is enrolled in the Register of High Court Jurisdiction (Court of Cassation) from 2002 and is therefore qualified to act as a defence lawyer before the
Supreme Court and the Court of Cassation, and before the State Council.
Having specialised in fiscal law and in property disputes, he then took a course specialising in common law.
In 1999 he attended a training course for defence lawyers to act in Court trials for minors and was subsequently enrolled on the list of juvenile defence lawyers.
He has been requested on a number of occasions by the Juvenile Court to carry out the role of defence lawyer in Court cases against minors.
He is a keen devotee of Information technology law.
Appointed by the Milanese Court of Law, he has taken on the role of trustee in bankruptcy on a number of occasions, and as often been appointed as lawyer in insolvency procedures.
Fabio is a defence and compliance judgement lawyer before the Regional Administrative Court, qualified to enforce the Public Administration Authorities to carry out the sanctions outlined in judicial acts.
For years he has also given free council in civil and taxation matters to needy members of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Milan.