As there are constant legislative updates and renewals of laws in Italy, including those relating to standard European community law, a field that is constantly changing, we offer advice and assistance in civil law cases, especially for:
  • Company law (including aspects related to fiscal and criminal law);
  • Commercial and bankruptcy law:
    - assistance in the terms and conditions of contracts;
    the recouperation of funds;
  • Family law with regards to civil and criminal law (financial relationships between relatives, family relationships and adoption, guardianship of minors);
  • Company fiscal law and family fiscal law;
  • Employment law in non-profit enterprises;
  • Relationships with tenants and assets' administration;
  • Information technology law;
  • European community legislation, both established and planned, indicating to companies the appropriate organisational and instrumental changes to be instigated with regards to community directives that are to come into force in Italy;
  • Non-profit legislation, managing sponsors and their related taxation aspects;
  • The legal care of Cultural Heritage;
  • Public and private contracts;
  • The study of industrial accidents;
  • Crimal offences against public administration, against the general public and public property, family offences and company and bankruptcy crimes.